From Our Mailbox

"I am a longtime customer of Cathy's and am amazed at how talented she is. If I could, I'd buy one of everything! She just designed the most beautiful set of a necklace and matching earrings. I gave her an idea of what I wanted and she came up with a perfect design. I'd highly recommend her and will buy again!"
     ~ Amy Bessen, Scottsdale, AZ

"My red necklace from The Elegant Bead has magical powers - It turns ordinary outfits, anything from a black velvet dress to a denim shirt holiday perfect. Thank you so much for such a handy shortcut to seasonal finery."
     ~ Ellen Shaffer, St. Paul, MN

"Cathy has helped me create many memorable pieces - customized for family members and friends. I love her creativity and the quality of her pieces. She takes great pride in her work and the proof is in the compliments for her unique pieces. Whether for yourself or as a gift, The Elegant Bead is a great choice."
     ~ Stephanie Piko, Centennial, CO

"Cathy's work is so unique and she truly takes care of each and every one of her customers. I stand in awe of her talent and the ability to find the right style for each gem she designs around. Always thoughtful, always imaginative, always the perfect gift!"
     ~ Laura, Centennial, CO

"Say "Yes" to The Elegant Bead! I am so glad I did! shoppers will be delighted at the large selection of necklaces, bracelets and earrings ranging from the coolness of a moonstone to teh warmth of a garnet. The quality of the photography of the pieces is noteworthy in that it helps capture the beauty of the pieces ~ I think important when buying online. My order was delivered quickly, packages well, and Cathy was wonderful to work with. I will be purchasing from The Elegant Bead again!"
     ~ Tami Crosse, Court Reporter, Mesa, AZ

"Cathy creates the most beautiful jewelry! Her personal care for your happiness on each item she creates is unmatched. she is professional in all aspects of the business transaction. You would make an excellent decision in having her create a personal exquisite piece of jewelry art for you or as a gift."
     ~ Deanna L. Robinson, CEO & Founder at Personal Impact Foundation, Pueblo, CO

"I have so enjoyed getting to know Cathy over the past few years. Her creative talent is unbelievable and she never fails to surprise me with the beautiful and unique one of a kind pieces that she designs. Cathy knows her customers well and clearly cares about meeting her customers needs. I have never been anything but pleased with Cathy's designs/ products and consider myself a customer for life."
     ~ Stephanie Brillhart, Aurora, CO

"The pieces Cathy has designed for me me have been absolutely AMAZING! She takes the time to know your personal style and create pieces that fit your elements and lifestyle. She is very fashion forward and designs pieces that meet the trends of today but reflect classic elements to treasure for a lifetime! I have asked Cathy to design multiple pieces for me to reflect day tp today work designs, formal events designs, and a birthstone bracelet for my mom ( the perfect gift). Every time I wear my designs from The Elegant Bead, I am complimented on their beauty and design."
     ~ Amanda Thompson, 2 Star National Marketing Director, Nerium, Centennial, CO

"Cathy has a great sense of style and eye for detail. My bridal jewelry was stunning. Each piece was well thought out, and made with personal care. I have ordered additional piieces for myself, as wella s gifts and have never been disappointed."
     ~ Shanna B. Hampton, Southbury, CT

"Cathy at The Elegant Bead was wonderful in designing my wedding jewelry. She designed my tiara, necklace, earrings, and bracelet with the same Swarovski crystals that were on the bodice of my wedding dress. I chose the style and colors I wanted and she worked with me to put it all together perfectly. She had great ideas to share and was so patient with me! I will recommend her to anyone who wants their own unique style to show through the jewelry they wear."
     ~ Brandi, Castle Rock, CO

"The Elegant Bead's jewelry is both timeless and beautiful. What I love most is Cathy's willingness to go above and beyond when I want to have something special made as a gift or a piece for my own collection. Her work is so creative and beautiful - and reasonably priced. I would recommend her to anyone!"
     ~ D. Rutledge, Phoenix, Arizona

"The Mother/Daughter necklace and earrings are gorgeous - I love them! It was such a thoughtful gift with both of our birthstones in the jewelry; I was so surprised! I'm very impressed with the unique design and the quality of the jewelry. I show off the set every chance I get. The only problem is that I'll be expecting your custom jewelry from my husband every Christmas! Thanks so much for the effort - it's definitely appreciated!"
     ~ J. Coughlin, Syracuse, NY

"I bought my first piece of jewelry from The Elegant Bead when Cathy was first starting out. I've continued to buy many pieces ove the years both for myself and as gifts.

For my wedding, I was fortunate to commission Cathy to not only do my bridesmaids gifts but also do my bridal headpiece. Each piece was handcrafted to reflect the theme of my wedding and my headpiece was carefully thought out right to choosing beads that would reflect with the highlights in my hair. I now have the memories of my wedding and an heirloom to hopefully pass on someday.

I highly recommend The Elegant Bead. Cathy is lovely and her designs are unique and gorgeous. She is easy to do business with, helpful, trustworthy and friendly. You receive much more than beads; you receive stylish pieces that are priceless."
     ~ Shanna Hampton, Minneapolis, MN

"My name is Michele Palmer, and I am a Phoenix client of Cathy's from when she first started The Elegant Bead. Cathy's jewelry and other accessories are very creatively designed and quality workmanship. She has a great business sense with her website of merchandise to her seasonal newsletter keeping us updated with all the latest in the fashion world pertaining to gems, popular trend colors and new ideas for gifts and celebrations. She's a delight to work with!! She manages to juggle it all!"
     ~ Michele Palmer, Phoenix, AZ

"Every time I wear this unique jewelry I get compliments. Cathy's reputation is starting to spread      ~several people have asked me if my bracelet is one of her designs..."
     ~ Cathy Marley, Phoenix, AZ

"Beautiful. That's probably the best word to describe Cathy's work. Yes, elegant is appropriate too. Over the last year, I have asked Cathy to create three bracelets and several pair of earrings. The craftsmanship was excellent, creations are unique and the price is very reasonable. More importantly the people that received these gifts were thrilled. Working with Cathy and The Elegant Bead is like working with a friend, she wants to know you and know something about the individual receiving the gift. It's a personalized experience."
     ~ Mike Maher, Juneau, Alaska

"One of the things that I especially like about The Elegant Bead is that I can wear the jewelry with my jeans or with a dressier outfit. The pieces flow easily and the results are superb!"
     ~ Judy, Phoenix, AZ

"...I needed a hostess gift with no time to shop, and Cathy let me know via email about one of her newest products, Whimsical Beverage Rings, and the hostess loved it! ...I check her website for the latest jewelry and just love to see the actual pieces, not just descriptions."
     ~ Robin, Scottsdale, AZ

"I can wear The Elegant Bead jewelry to work and look very professional, and also wear the same pieces with jeans on the weekend."
     ~ D. M. Tempe, AZ

"...Everytime I wear any of the pieces I've purchased from The Elegant Bead, I get rave reviews and compliments galore! I've now sent your jewelry to two of of my sisters-in-law and they too are so impressed with your beautiful work. So, I'm a hero in the gift-giving department as well, thanks to you!"
     ~ Janet Drez, Chandler, AZ